SCEIs Training

Baby wearing only a diaper laying on his tummy with head lifted looking up at the camera. There is an adult female kneeling over the child in a similar position. Title text is Training.
SCEIs Training Modules

Training modules provide personnel with the skills and knowledge to provide appropriate services to young children with disabilities and their families. These modules were developed from competencies adopted by Babies Can’t Wait, which specify what early interventionists should know and be able to apply.  The modules are presented in two training levels and cover a variety of topics. Registration for module access is completed through a simple online portal.  Providers who fall under SCEIs’ requirements must complete all required modules within six months of being hired or contracted with Babies Can’t Wait.

Training content:
  1. Content developed to support various groups including professionals, paraprofessionals and family members
  2. Developed with input from trainers of varied disciplines and parents of a child with disabilities whose child was in BCW
  3. Competency based skills and knowledge for Level I and II professionals
  4. Self-Assessment of learning
  5. Curriculum which is family centered and culturally sensitive
  6. All modules are online